Registered Respiratory Therapist

Varied, Rotational Shift; Individual Tour Varies by Schedule, not-to-exceed 80 hrs.
per two week pay period.
o Serves as a respiratory therapist with responsibility for independently performing specialized respiratory care including ventilator management, nebulizer treatment, chest PT, drawing arterial blood gases, oxygen therapies, external ventilation support and some pulmonary function assessments.
o Resolves technical work problems not covered by procedures or established hospital policies.
o Serves as a resource expert for respiratory care providing input into the revision of policy and procedures within the department and the hospital.
o Assists with orientation of new respiratory staff and may be assigned to perform the preceptor role for an employee.
o Leads, instructs and orients respiratory staff in all aspects of respiratory care including equipment and treatment modalities.
o Assists the respiratory therapy supervisor in maintaining quality control and inventory management of all respiratory equipment.
o Assists with Respiratory department maintenance of up to date inventory control of supplies, equipment calibration and coordination of the preventive maintenance program with biomedical engineer.
o Acts as a liaison with the immediate supervisor to assure problems/needs of the department are met when in the acting or charge role.
o Provides patient/family teaching as appropriate regarding treatment modalities that are consistent with the treatment team plan of care.
o Participates in the evaluation of all new respiratory equipment and supplies and performs other duties as assigned.
o Prioritizes work load in order to complete assigned tasks in allotted time.
o Selects proper delivery device for nebulizer/aerosol treatment, makes suggestions when called upon by physician or nursing staff.
o Performs periodic checks and troubleshooting.
o Performs arterial blood gases, initiates and maintains mechanical ventilation, and performs chest physiotherapy, nebulizer treatments, and suction patient airway as physician prescribes.
o Follows all established Medical Center and service policies on safety and infection control.

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