Air Conditioning Equipment Operator

Responsible for the air conditioning plant operation and maintenance at the Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center;Shift work is required;Operated the chiller plant consisting of 3, 1200 ton centrifugal chillers;Performs extensive control work;Reads and interprets work orders, specifications, technical literature and blueprints for installations, modifications and trouble shooting to determine the best methods and materials to be used;Monitors, evaluates, controls and modifies station energy management system using Siemens "APOGEE" System;Operates, controls, monitors and modifies set points and devices using the "Trane Summit" computer system;Efficiently distributes chilled water throughout the campus and cycle the three 1200 ton centrifugal chillers and associated cooling towers;Maintains, installs, hooks up, troubleshoots and puts into operation all types of refrigeration, air conditioning equipment along with electric and pneumatic controls;Recognizes the cause of faulty equipment and is able to make necessary repairs;Alters systems to provide specific and critical climate conditions in different locations;Responsible for maintenance and repair on three 1200 ton, 4160 volt Trane centrifugal chillers, three 2 cell 1200 ton Baltimore Cooling towers, six 75 hp condenser water pumps, six 40 to 150 hp chilled water pumps and three 125 hp variable speed plant pumps which pushes the chilled water out of the plant to serve 17 campus buildings with industrial size chilled water systems;Locates, identifies, trouble shoots, and make repairs or modifications to the design of all pumps and peripheral components of the chilled water, hot water and steam piping systems;Modifies and controls Pressure Reducing valves in the control of heating hot water and domestic hot water; andOther duties as assigned.
Work Schedule:
Various Position Description Title/PD#:
Air conditioning Equipment Operator/1796

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